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Who is Jori Ford?

She is an award-winning search engine optimization practicioner with over a decade of experience helping small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses use SEO to help them grow.

Crain's noted her as one of Chicago's Top Women in Tech.

International Search Summit awarded her the Gold Medallion Speakers award for her presentation on Global Search Governance.

She's worked as a consultant, in-house, and in agency leading teams both large & small.

How Can I Help You Get More Traffic?

Simple. I'll teach you everything I know. SEO shouldn't be some secret. Search engines share the information freely and I'd like to pay it forward and share what I've learned with you.

First, learn what all the lingo means so you're not being left behind when being pitched to by search & digital experts.

Get a simple explanation of Google Algorithm updates and what they mean.

Access tons of resources that help you & your team navigate through the Google gobbly-gook and come out on top.