About Me

So…..here’s the interesting bit. Though I’ve spent the past decade or so helping others drive visibility to their business, brand, and related assets, I am not very good at self-promotion.

Instead, I’ll just tell you my story.

My Past

Once upon a time, there lived a girl, brimming & beaming full of life, she was born in the heart of Chicago, IL and her name, Jori. Yup, me!

My Present

So fast forward to now, I’m married to my beautiful wife. The proud parent of two fur babies (ahem…some people call them dogs). I love SEO, all things digital, and am a Geek at heart. Yes, Geek…not to be mistaken with a nerd.


In my free time I work on my house and other projects, because I’m also a licensed general contractor, you can visit my home improvement adventures on my soon to be launch blog.

Giving Back:

I believe that we can all do more, so I try to give back to my community through participation in Women Build Chicago – a Habitat for Humanity event & Women in Digital Chicago.


Diversity & Inclusion
Gender Equality
Early Childhood Development & STEM Programs
Lead by Example